The story behind Sommerschield Maputo

Sommerschield is a suburb of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. It is situated in the municipal district of KaMpfumo.

Along with Polana, it is considered an upscale neighborhood within the city, where the population with the highest incomes resides. It concentrates most of the embassies in the city.

The neighborhood was named after the Norwegian doctor Oscar Somerschield, who had traveled around South and Central Africa before settling in as a concessionaire for a large tract of land in the then Lourenço Marques (now Maputo). He became the owner of a farm that was named after his family nickname and there he established his residence and private clinic. The Quinta de Somerschield house, located near Ponta Vermelha, was cut short and the concession lands were sold by Somerschield to Delagoa Bay Lands Syndicate, Ltda. in 1903. Subsequently, there were the subdivision and urbanization works that gave rise to a residential neighborhood from 1960 onwards.

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