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L.C. Real Estate’s A to Z guide to living in Mozambique

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 It is relatively simple, although generally time consuming to open a bank account in Mozambique. You will need to bring a valid photo ID, your national financial identification number (NUIT), a letter from your work specifying your salary as well as a statement verifying your address (internet or TV bill with your name or address is sufficient). 

C — Currency Maputo uses the ’New Metical’ (MZN) as currency. Cash is widely used, credit-cards less so. You can expect to pay with credit cards in established stores and larger restaurants only. US Dollars are accepted in larger stores and can easily be exchanged, but hard to access due to Mozambique’s monetary policies. As of May 2022, the USD-MZN exchange rate has been relatively stable at 1:65. 

 Food delivery is available from a number of restaurants via the APP ’Deliva Africa’. The APP shows the menu’s available, while orders can only be placed via WhatsApp (+258 87 035 4822) or Phone (+258 86 350 3000). 

Electricity in Maputo is generally stable, although blackouts does occur. It is either pre-paid or postpaid depending on the owners’ preferences. Pre-paid electricity can be purchased online, in ATMs or in selected street vendors. 

Purchasing furniture in Maputo can be a rather expensive affair. Generally, availability in stores are limited and prices high. Home Center offers affordable options, although quality fluctuates. Facebook pages are frequently used for secondhand furniture from outgoing expats. For long-term leases, L.C. Real Estate can support you in negotiating furnishing, if desired. 

For your day-to-day groceries, Maputo offers a few options. Spar, located in Baia Mall, Baixa and Mica, are a budget friendly options with carries most daily necessities. Woolworths, located in Baia Mall and Coop, offers a more upscale alternative. While prices are generally higher than your average supermarket, Woolworths also offers a number of specialized products, which can only be found here. Deli 968 on Av. Julius Nyerere offers high quality, specialized items. Smaller supermarkets with a limited selection can be found in every neighbourhood.

For meat-lovers, a few recommended butchers include ’Polana butcher’ located on 201 Rua Mateus S Muthemba and Talho 37 butcher on Mao Tse Tung 1510. 

In Maputo, two centres offers horse riding lessons: Centro Hippico in Bairro Jardim and NAME on Costa do Sol. Fancy a weekend getaway, riding on the beach? Check out El Passo on Macanetta. 

TV Cabo, located in various locations in the city, incl. Baia Mall. Connections are generally stable but comes with strict limitations for usage which applies to use during normal business hours (6am—6 pm) on a monthly basis. Top-ups can be purchased on a needs basis. 

Maputo have two movie theatres, located in Maputo Shopping (Baixa) and Gloria Mall (Costa do Sol). The French and German cultural centres offers various forms of entertainment, including theatre, photo exhibitions, markets etc.

Scandinavian school offers classes in Swedish, Portuguese and English. Centrally located with a Scandinavian curriculum and lots of outdoor play.

Montessori Canadian Academy uses a Montessori based approach and teaches in both Portuguese and English.

Lalaland kindergarten is a bi-lingual kindergarten with classes from 3 months old. Sensory experiences and closeness to nature are amongst the promoted activities.

Kids Kruppa is an expat-favourite focused on active learning. 

Maputo have a very lively social scene with many bars, events and fairs. Whether you are looking for drinks and dancing, music events or neighbourhood markets, Maputo will accommodate you. The annual festival in Eswatini (Bushfire) is a family-friendly mustvisit. 

There are 3 mobile operators in Mozambique: Vodacom (numbers start with 84/85); Movitel (numbers start with 86/87) and Mcel (numbers start with 82). Vodacom generally have the best coverage outside of Maputo, while Movitel offers unlimited calls. Sim-cards can be purchased in official stores located in various connections through-out the country and requires a passport. Top-ups can be purchased via internet-banking or through street vendors. 

 Polana A: Upscale living in the city centre. Mostly apartments, although a few townhouses are avalible.

Sommershield I: Houses in a family friendly and upscale neighbourhood. Close to parks, international organizations and embassies.

Sommershield II: Large houses and compound living. Short driving distance to the city center. Costa do Sol: A more affordable alternative to Sommershield near the beach.

Bairro Central: The hustle and bustle of city living at affordable prices. Primarily apartments.

Baixa: Maputo’s CBD. Chaotic, lively and close to everything. Primarily apartments. 

While Maputo does not offer world-class shopping experiences, an increasing number of stores are opening, especially in the new Baia Mall. Here you can find a few clothing stores as well as perfumeries, optics etc. Products from local artisans, such as wooden figurines and fabrics, are sold at local markets such as Parque de Feima, which is in the city centre. 

Parquinho: Dog-friendly park with playground and restaurant. A weekend favourite for families.

Parque dos Namorados: Scenic look over the Indian Ocean. Perfect for a stroll or coffee.

Parque dos Professores: New playground and good food. What more do you need?

Parque de Repinga: Perfect for a picnic or morning run. Free workout equipment and excellent playground—all in one. 

Housekeepers and Nannies are commonly hired, usually via referrals from outgoing expats or via Facebook pages (e.g. The Sprout Club). 

Maputo offers a wide variety of food from all over the world. A few L.C. favourites include:

• Xhapo-Xhapo (Av. Eduardo Mondlane, close to Mundo’s) – best vegetarian burger in town;

• CK Cafe (Av. Kim Il Sung): Great lunch place with a large variety of salads and light meals. Closes early;

• Kwetu (located close to the Zoological Museum in Polana A) offers authentic east-African cuisine. Their meatballs come highly recommended.

• Dhow (Close to Cardoso Hotel): Perfect place for after work drinks – and if you are hungry, their pichana and chicken are to die for;

• South Beach: Excellent fillet and tuna steak. The sushi is also worth trying. Very scenic surroundings.

• Zambi: World class tuna and ocean-front finedining.

• WabiSabi: Sushi (and italian) in Parquinho – a great family location with lots of children playing;

• Bel Piatto Carne (in Polana Casino): Order beforehand the 2.1 KG T-bone and enjoy some of the absolute best meat in town.

• Manjar dos deus (Av. Julius Nyerere): Best fillet in town! The duck is also worth trying.

• Mundos: A Maputo legend. The place for football, beers, and pizza (and charity Quiz night on Thursdays).

Maputo is home to a number of international schools, including Maputo International School in Polana A, American School in Maputo, Portuguese School and French school, all located in Sommershield II. Check out their programmes, admissions requirements, and prices on their websites!


Public transport is limited and far from western standards with limited road-safety measures taken. Maputo is not a walking-friendly city, why it is recommended to purchase a car if you plan to move around frequently. 

 …does not operate in Maptuo, but you can find several taxies available in different locations. A taxi from the airport to the city center costs roughly 1,200 MZN – or 20 USD. The ZIP taxi APP is an alternative to Uber, which works fairly well. 

Ilha de Mocambique is the old capital of Mozambique, offering historical sites and a worldclass beach.

Macanetta island is located a 45 min drives from Maputo. Perfect or a day trip—but watch out for the waves!

Ponta de Ouro is located in the most southern tip of Mozambique. The small village offers a beautiful beach and chances to swim with wild dolphins.

Blyde River Canyon in South Africa is your perfect long-weekend road trip. Looking for action? River rafting, ziplining and bungee jumping are all at your disposal. While you are at it, why not cross through the Kruger National Park on your way home?

Tofo Beach is located 400 km north of Maputo. The village offers a chance to relax and unwind during low-season and a wild party scene during seasonal peaks. Planning a trip during August-November? If so, don’t miss this chance to swim with whale sharks.

Vilancoulous offers world-class beaches only a short flight from Maputo. Come to relax in beautiful surroundings—or visit the Bazaroto islands—a tropical paradise.

Inhaca island is located 3 hours by boat from Maputo. It’s the perfect weekend-getaway for anyone without a car. Shopping options are limited in the rural area, so make sure you bring everything you need from home! 

365 Fitness in Baixa offers super modern facilities and brands itself as the best gym in Africa for a reason ($$$)

Universo Gym is a modern gym, centrally located in Polana A.

Olympia Gym have several locations throughout the city, modern equipment, and reasonable prices. 

Maputo is home to a number of quality private hospitals. ICOR, located on Av. Kenneth Kaunda, offers modern equipment and experienced doctors. Hospital Privado is an alternative with good service and 24-hour reception. Experienced paediatricians are available in both locations and are booked via phone. 

The Fab Lab offers yoga and spa treatments in their salon, located centrally in Maputo, or at your home. Their small store offers a wide range of locally sourced beauty products. Saturday mornings you can enjoy their special yoga/brunch at Restaurant Kwetu. Keep updated on this and other events by following their Instagram account.

Polana Hotel offers high-quality, although pricy, spa treatments and access to their world-class pool. Learn more on their website.

The Nail/hair Spa is located close to Parquinho and offers everything from haircuts and gel-nails to massages and facials. Walk-ins are welcome. 

Maputo’s only zoo is located in Jardim, next to Centro Hippico. It is sparsely occupied with a few monkeys and crocodiles, who does not share the best facilities. If you want to explore the wildlife, we instead recommend you take advantage of Mozambique’s nature.

Maputo Special Reserve, located on the way to Ponta do Ouro offers the perfect day getaway (expect to see Giraffes, Zebras and Elephants).

Gorongosa National Park is the perfect luxury get-away and opportunity to see the Big-5.

Kruger Park in South-Africa offers a cheaper alternative to see the big-5, with both self-drives and guide tours. 

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